Choriman Chorizo

Founded by Humberto "The Chori-Man" Raygoza, a 4th generation artisan chorizo maker. After years of learning the craft from his Dad and uncles back in Zacatecas, Mexico, Humberto decided to start his own business on LA's westside. In March 2013, Humberto launched "The Chori-Man Artisan Chorizos & Sausages." When he first started he was making 100lbs every three months and sold his product door to door from a little cooler on wheels, which he named The Chori-Mobile. Through loyal customers, word of mouth, and dedication Humberto's chorizo began to make a name for itself. Within a year he started selling 400lbs per month and landed his first two restaurant clients. Soon after Choriman was voted Best Chorizo of Los Angeles, by LA Weekly's BEST OF L.A. issue!