DJ Alf Alpha

Alf Alpha (aka Rafael Lopez) is a DJ, Music Producer and the man behind the Hermanito tunes we all love! He creates and performs Hip Hop and electronic dance music, including soulful Hip Hop Beats, House, Funk, Latin and amalgamations of Electronic music. 

As an artist, Alf Alpha continues to explore new ways to share his art and expand his reach. One of those new ways is with his love for vintage cars. Alf Alpha collects vintage VW buses and converts them into mobile DJ booths with lighting and sound systems. He currently has a fleet of 3 vintage VW buses. His 1979 bus is named "Super Sonido". His 1971 bus is named "Alf Alpha" and his other 1971 bus is named "Pleyboy". Each bus has its own unique personality.  Alf Alpha loves to bring his art to the people and is thrilled to literally start a party anywhere!