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MEZCAL - Agave Spirits


After experiencing many sunrises through its 7 to 35 years lifespan, the agave is finally ready to reproduce for its first and only time, before returning to the land. In this final process, the agave will invest all its energy to reproduce by growing a stem, quiote. Once grown, the seeds at the top will be blown by the wind and scattered through mountains planting the next generation of wild agaves.

To maintain the biodiversity of these wild agaves, Casa Amarás handpicks the strongest and healthiest mother plants, waits till they are ready to reproduce, and at the right time carefully selects the best seeds. At present, we have planted over 150,000 seeds representing 18 different types of agave, among them: Espadín, Tobalá, Sierra Negra, Mexicano, and Jabalí.


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