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Catedral De Mi Padre

Adela was 14 when her father fell ill. Charged with putting food on her family's table, Adela decided to take matters into her own hands. She took over her father's job at a distillery. In the rural mountains of Oaxaca, Adela sold mezcal out of plastic bottles with handwritten labels., She is now in her twenties and alongside her father, who has since recovered, they produce some of the most excellent and unique artisanal mezcal in the region. Locals still call her "The Mezcal Girl", and they probably always will.

They are committed to local partnerships. We have given a percentage of the company equity to the Mezcalero families we work with, joining together as business partners and comrades.

They plan to further support the local community through advanced sustainability efforts as we grow. Through partnership, we hope to build relationships, foster innovation, and ultimately, continue to share the magic that is mezcal.

Espadin $18Madre Cuishe $27Mexicano $27Ensamble $20Tobala $24

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