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Tequila Fortaleza, is arguably one of the most sensational, artisanally made Tequilas in the world of agave spirits. Since their debut in 2005, Tequila Fortaleza has amassed a following of aficionados unrivaled by any other brand with only 15 years in the market. However the roots of Fortaleza, reach far past their recent history, 140 years to be exact, to the beginning of the Tequila industry itself. Owner/operator Guillermo Erickson Sauza is the fifth generation of the infamous Sauza family, whose legacy in Tequila began back in 1843 with his great-great grandfather, Cenobio Sauza. When Guillermo returned to the family distillery, nestled between giants in the town of Tequila, in the late 90's, it had been converted into a museum, and had stopped making tequila over 30 years prior. Small project by small project, the distillery was fixed up and revived, and by 2003, was once again distilling tequila. Tequila Fortaleza is, the way they put it, "made the old way," using a 100 year o

Blanco $18Blanco "Still Strength" $29Reposado $22Anejo $29

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