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Japanese whisky - JAPANESE WHISKEY


Hakata Whisky is a unique and highly sought-after spirit made by the Hikari Distillery in Fukuoka, Japan. It is distilled and matured using 100% barley, with a fraction of the barley fermented with Koji to create a savory, Umami flavor. The whisky is aged in Sherry casks in traditional warehouses and open-air warehouses, exposing it to the humid summer temperatures and cold winter temperatures of Fukuoka.

As a result, Hakata Whisky has a bold and almost classical flavor, with a freshness that is truly unique. It appeals to both the discerning whisky drinker and the casual enthusiast, with the Sherry casks playing a dominant role in its flavor profile. The Oak and Umami notes glide over the palate and hug the sides of the tongue, creating a complex and striking textural element. Overall, Hakata Whisky is a timeless, elegant, and classic journey from beginning to end. If you're looking for a truly unique whisky experience, be sure to try Hakata.

Hakata 10 Yr $24Hakata 12 Yrs $30Hakata 16 Yrs $45Hakata 18 Yrs $57