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TEQUILA - Agave Spirits



Pedro Camarena Ramírez's son was co-founder of Destilería El Gallito and where Tequila Cazadores was produced, but his death and that of his son, broke the continuity of his lineage. 

Felipe J. Camarena, renowned Tequila Master, invited the great-great-grandson of Pedro Camarena Ramírez to reconnect his tequila origins and create his own tequila... thus Tequila Primo 1861 was born.

His great-great-grandson, Pedro Camarena, still owns the ring which has been passed down through at least 5 generations in the direct line of Pedro Camarena Ramirez. The ring contains an armorial with the heraldry of the Camarena family, a gold hourglass on a field of gules.

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