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VINO - Cerveza / Vino

Turning Tide Chardonnay

Climate change brought us a very difficult 2020 vintage due to dry conditions, winds and lightning storms. While much of the state had a smoke haze in the atmosphere, the on-shore winds from the ocean blew through Santa Barbara county much of the summer, clearing the air and creating fresh sunny days. The degree-day accumulation in 2020 (a measure of ripening temperatures) were cooler than 2019, but warmer than the 30 year average, meaning the grapes had longer to mature on the vines and they retained a fresh natural acidity. The springtime rains grew healthy vine canopies and shaded the grapes from any hot afternoon sun. Tasting the grapes almost daily as we grew closer to harvest, we picked our grapes at the optimum flavor profile, well before the accumulation of higher sugar levels, helping preserve freshness and complexity with lower alcohol. Sta. Rita Hills Santa Barbara County, California Generous, ripe aromas give way to plush textures that wash over the palate revealing spicy

GL $16BTL $60

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