Tricia Lu

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Tricia has been in the coffee industry for over ten years. Working her way from dishwasher, to barista, to educator, she found herself captivated by the people and love in the community. Tricia has educated people about coffee all over the country and soon found herself wanting to learn more. In 2020 she began working with Spirit Tea as the West Coast Sales Manager and cultivates relationships through tea. "Tea is a reminder to slow down and be present, pay attention to the people around you and how they make you feel."Spirit is an American tea company dedicated to sourcing an uncommon selection of handmade teas. We are a conglomeration of industry veterans with decades of combined experience in tea, coffee, hospitality and herbalism. We believe in tea—that a great cup is the result of passion and strong relationships. All of our teas are seasonally curated selections that feature no fruits, flowers, flavorings, or sweeteners. Just the natural beauty of the tea plant.